All I want for Christmas is quality of life for you and for me. What does it matter if you have the best of things, but can not delight in them? How sad is it to have family, that you can not enjoy? How can you effectively do the job that provides these things? Quality of life is the key to being able to enjoy life to the fullest. So why doesn’t everyone have this quality of life?

The relationship and awareness that we have within our self is where it all starts. When you want the very best for yourself  in a healthy, not selfish way, you will search for the information that you need, to learn what to do about it. When you find out what it takes to make your body run smoothly, you will do it. How do I know this? I have personally been there. I didn’t have the quality of life that I wanted. I was over weight, didn’t feel comfortable, had health issues…. So I searched and searched to find out why. As I found different solutions, I tried them out. Some that I found were not correct and I stopped, but others that I found were tried and true. So what was it? Eating and exercising are the two number one ways of going toward the health that you want. That is how we are made. We are made to run on a certain fuel, so that we can be active and productive. For instance, many years ago in our society, the only time that you had sweets and treats were at special occasions. Now, sweets and treats are unfortunately an everyday event. We eat foods that are not good for us and too much of them at that. Then the holidays pose even more of an abundance of eating temptations. The temptations of candies, your favorite pies, and all sorts of sweet and rich goodies (like grandma makes) are multiplied. Sure these tasty foods tickle the taste buds and sometimes give temporary comfort, but is this really what you want? Most people that I know agree that the quality of their life is very important to them. What some don’t realize though is that the quality of their life is directly related to what they eat and how much activity they get. Everyone is looking for that magic pill so that they don’t have to eat right or exercise. I also know this because I used to think this way too. Thankfully through my own journey, I learned the truth about how to attain true health. This is why I have such a passion to help others do the same. I just wish that I would have found this information even sooner in my life than I did and that is what I want for Christmas. I want you to have the quality of life that you deserve. I want you to feel GREAT and be able to enjoy not only the holidays but every single day that you are blessed with. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Coach Carolyn

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