Does your life really depend on LUCK? Sure, there are some circumstances that are out of your control, but do you realize how many you really do have control over?

Take a traffic jam for instance. No, you can’t magically make all of the cars disappear, but you can change the outcome of your situation. What if during this jam, you let anger get the best of you and you act upon feelings of road rage? Well, you and/or someone else might end up in jail. What if during this same exact traffic jam, you called your family and talked about old times or future plans, strengthening those bonds and enjoying each other? Just one decision not only changes your life; it changes the lives of others. The impact of you going to jail may affect the decision of a loved one and they may follow in your footsteps. Making the decision to be positive may encourage someone else to make good choices. Your decisions are like dominoes in the lives of us all. One positive decision could be that one decision that begins the fall of dominoes that changes the world. All choices, whether positive or negative, are changing the direction of your life in a HUGE way. Think of this: An airplane pilot who changes the auto pilot direction by just one degree will NOT land in the right place, not by a long shot. The outcome of your decision-making process is exactly the same. Whether you choose to react negatively or respond positively to circumstances in your life determines your destination.

Become a private investigator of your thoughts. Notice how you decide to make choices. Do you let old perceptions control your life? Or do you think logically and clearly about every situation before you act upon it? When you detect a negative thought, neutralize it and turn it into a positive one. When you become aware of your feelings and you feel negativity creeping up within you, change that feeling immediately. Get it while it is still small and don’t let it grow any bigger.

You are equipped and designed to make logical choices. This is powerful! When you discover this power within, you can change the route and destination of your life. I encourage you to visualize yourself as superman feeling the power that you have within and use those superpowers to not only change your life but the lives of those around you. It is not the luck of the draw; it is your inner power.


Coach Carolyn

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