Does your mind need a good spring cleaning?

We can change our lives by clearing out negative emotional clutter, creating good habits, and decluttering our surroundings.

We usually think of ourselves in the physical state, yet our physical state stems from our emotional state, from the look on our face, the way we stand, our habits, to the way we eat. Spring cleaning our mind not only can help with our emotional and physical lives, it can help with our surroundings.

So how do we do this? Being aware of something in our life that we want to change is the first step. Then we need to find out how to do that. Finally, we have to decide it is worth it and then make a decision to do it and don’t let anything stand in our way.

Perhaps you want to lose weight. What do you need to spring clean out of your mind to get started? At one point in my life, it had never occurred to me that what I was eating and my activity level had 100 percent to do with my being overweight.  I had to get the old ways of thinking out of my mind, change my old bad eating habits, and change the kinds of food in my surroundings. As soon as I did that, the weight started dropping off, and I eventually lost 65 pounds. I ate better quality food and less portions because I wasn’t as hungry. I had learned that I didn’t need as much as I had eaten before.

Some people may be thinking this seems impossible, but I am here to tell you it is NOT! I have done it, others have done it, and you can, too. You have the same faculties as everyone else and you CAN do this!  I will be your cheerleader.

Remember that habits are habits. It is just as easy to create a good habit as it is a bad one. Get in the habit of making good habits and not bad ones.

Using your imagination is a huge help in boosting success. If you usually go to the store and buy junk food, imagine going in and picking something healthy. Make a plan of exactly what you are going to do and when you walk in, be sure to stick to the plan.

Repeat to yourself what you want in your life and spring clean out what you don’t want.

You can make the changes in your life that you want. You have everything that you need to do this.  Give it all that you’ve got and show yourself and show the world what you can accomplish.


Coach Carolyn


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