Driving a truck is more challenging than most non-drivers realize. Sure, there are some physical aspects to it, like tarping a load, pulling tandems, and cranking dolly legs, but the mental and emotional concerns seem to be the most trying and exhausting.

So, drivers, accept our gratitude as we honor you September 9-15 during Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Day in and day out, the driver’s schedule is to hurry up and wait, try to make it to the destination with X amount of time allotted and sometimes be expected to make it happen like magic. Sick or well, snow or rain, tired or stressed, this freight must get there.

There are team drivers, but the majority of drivers drive solo. Either way, being a driver causes many emotional concerns that would not have been there had they been working in a different atmosphere. Loneliness, anger, isolation, depression, and anxiety seem to magnify with less social contact. What was once not an issue slowly grows into an emotional struggle.

Without trucks and the drivers in them, society as we know it would be in total chaos. We like our stuff, we like it convenient, and we like it now. The trucking industry makes this all possible.

Truck driving is one of the most valuable occupations. So, do we recognize this? Do we only think about this during one particular week in September? Drivers are on the road 24/7/365 while we are in our homes leading our convenienced-based lives. Are we showing them well deserved appreciation?

So how can we do that? Learn the rules of the road, and realize what a truck driver has to do in order to maneuver his/her rig. That rig cannot whip in just any retail place. They have to be thinking plenty ahead of the situation in order to know what decision to make. Know how long it takes to stop an 80,000 pound semi truck. And last but not least, show them appreciation by telling them how much you are grateful for them and what they do. A little love goes a long way. None of this takes money, just a little bit of time, effort, and kindness. Find a driver on purpose (you probably already know one) and share with them something positive about their job.

With my complete gratitude for you, drivers, Thank You!

Carolyn O’Byrne

Coach Carolyn

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