Here we go again, another year to start New Year’s resolutions. I was curious to look up the definition of resolution. What I found was, “your firm decision to do or not to do something.”  Making a decision to do or not do something is a very good idea. Some start out all gung ho reaching out for their destination. Unfortunately many of these don’t reach their goal. There is one resolution though, that may be the most important of all. It is the recognition of the importance of your gut.

Your gut is the hub of your overall health. Within it lies mystery, diligence and intense. The workings of it could be described as utterly miraculous. If there were a ranking in your bodies functions of importance to your survival, your gut would be at the top. It holds more ability to communicate with your body than your spine. This knowledge of information shouldn’t be taken lightly. The condition of your immune system, emotions and mood, weight, metabolism, vitamin production, nutrient absorption, overall cell health and more all depend on the health and condition of your gut. Yet it’s importance many times goes unnoticed. We all need to be exercising the steps that make it run at top efficiency, so that we will have overall health.

If your gut is healthy, you will feel great and be more likely to want to exercise, your mood will stay up and not feel like a roller coaster. You will also feel better because your body will be full of nutrients, which means lots of well-being and energy.

Building those muscles while you exercise your choice in making your gut a top priority in your life, will result in a life of many more resolutions to come.


Happy New Year!

Coach Carolyn

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