The most important tradition of all is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the second most traveled holiday in the USA and is personally my favorite. Most people have their own Thanksgiving traditions. Many have big family gatherings with all the traditional fixings, like turkey, gravy, potatoes, and pies. Others, on the other hand, may have the tradition of just getting together and eating whatever is available, like pizza or burgers. We had chili one year.

In the trucking industry, many are on the road and either don’t have family or won’t be able to make it to their family gatherings.

No matter where you are, with family and friends or not, there is one thing that you can always have this time of year and that is gratitude and thanksgiving. I have read many studies on the physical and emotional benefits of being thankful. When something bothers you, maybe it makes you mad, or offends you, it creates a negative feeling inside. It might get you down or make you feel depressed or anxious. Everyone reacts differently. You can take the exact same situation and put it in two different lives and each one will react completely different. “Thankfully” there is a solution for that. If you take that negative thought or feeling and be thankful for it, it will “magically” disappear. An attitude of gratitude really works.

When you feel this way, really observe where this feeling is coming from. Is it an old thought? Did someone do or say something hurtful? Are there situations in your life that you feel are out of your control? These types of situations can have responses that are positive. You have a choice and have the power to choose. You just have to have the tools with you to help you to handle it.

Take negative situations and search your mind for the exact opposite scenario. Think of it for a moment. Find out what feeling is the exact opposite of this. For example, if you’re feeling anger, the opposite to you might be peace, joy or tranquility. When you focus on the opposite, this gives you the power to change that negative feeling. If you make this exercise a tradition, not only at Thanksgiving, but every day, you will be in the habit of having power over your mind. You have the power to choose to be thankful or happy or peaceful. How would your life be if you were this way? You can be this way. Blessings on your Thanksgiving Day and every day to come in your thanksgiving tradition.


Practice Thanksgiving.

Coach Carolyn

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